Workshops and Classes

Susan Averre Pet Portraiture Painting Class

Learn how to make an acrylic painting of your beloved pet!


Wednesdays, August 22nd-September 5th 

6-8pm every evening.


Susan Averre Grisaille Painting Class

"Grisaille" is a technique of painting first in monochrome to create a sculpture effect. 


Mondays, August 27th-October 8th. 

6-8pm every evening.


Jennifer Bowman Acrylic Painting Workshop

Bowman tries to get her students to “see” the different ways that the color gray is present in images. Everything shy of a pure color pigment is a mixture of primary colors that give us a whole world of beautiful grays. The interaction of warm light and cool shadows truly excites Bowman about painting.


September 15th and 16th

 10am-5pm both days. 


Chris Romine Collage Workshop


Romine is an accomplished artist who strives for having fun while soulful and intuitive art brings about a sense of well-being and joy.  She is constantly experimenting with watercolors, acrylics, cement, ink, glass beads, metal, various resists and collage methods. Images in texture and bold colors depict her free and fun style.


October 13th and 14th 

10am-5pm both days.  


Dee Doyle Abstract Watercolor Workshop

Explore new ways to play with watercolors and expressive abstractions. Dee believes that if you understand basic composition and design then there is the ability to push through to a looser, more expressive way of paint. Her teaching philosophy is to “take what you like and leave the rest.” If you want to “tip-toe” into non-objective abstracts, there is a way, and this one-day workshop may lead to just that.


October 6th 



Dee Doyle Representation and Abstract Expression Acrylic Workshop

Be prepared to abandon traditional ideas and rules to explore techniques and processes that can enhance your work. While using references or thoughts about what to paint do allow yourself to be open to saying and doing “what if?”, this two-day workshop will allow for experimentation and discovering new paint familiar things. 


October 27th and 28th

10am-5pm both days.  


Terry May Adaptive Pouring Class

Simply pouring paint on a canvas is not enough for May. She takes it to the next level with creative techniques and out-of-the-box tools to finesse the pouring into something unique.


August 23rd and 30th

6-8pm both evenings.


Robert Friedman Figure Drawing Class

With the use of a nude model, Friedman introduces figure drawing and teaches refining skills. Layout, energy, volume and some anatomy will be addressed.  There will be demos at the beginning of each session followed by studies that emphasize the subject of the day.  Teaching method will be inclusive and include encouragement to balance success with failure.


Thursdays, September 20th-October 25th



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