Gregory S. Walsh Solo Exhibition: January 4th - April 27th

Solo exhibition of the abstract expressionist work of Gregory S. Walsh.

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New Whatcom: October 5th- December 29th 2018

A group exhibition of recently graduated students from the university and community colleges in the area. New Whatcom is a platform for emerging creatives to display their art and interact with the community.

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Natura: July 6th- September 28th 2018

Natura, a large group exhibition of Pacific Northwest artists whose works provoke a sense of nature. Subjects ranging from landscape to wild life illustrations and a few abstract, and fun interpretations.  

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Sensorium: May 4th-June 30th 2018

Sensorium is a tech-art show themed to bring awareness of the phenomenological and sensory experience of new age technologies. Works that are likely to be featured are moving projections on 2D works, florescent and neon fine art works, pop art, human/industrial setting landscape paintings, digital glitch art, interactive electricity pieces and infinity light mirrors.

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Elemental: Metal, Glass, and Wood: March 2nd- April 30th

Gallery Pegasus is celebrating our 1 year anniversary, and presenting an exciting new show! Elemental: Metal Glass and Wood, runs through the months of March and April, and brings together many different forms and disciplines of hard-form sculptures, wall fixtures, figurines, glassware, and elegant wood fabrications. 

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Unfold: Nude Form and Concept: Jan. 5th-Feb. 26th

Unfold: Nude Form and Concept is a group exhibition that explores a variety of artist's take on the nude figure and ideas surrounding the display and viewership of the body.

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Essence: Abstract Interpretations: Nov. 3rd-Dec. 31st 2017

This show is a collective of abstract artists from the northwest who showcase contemporary applications of Expressionism, Cubism, Liquid Abstract, Ceramic Vessels, and Mixedmedia Sculpture.

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New Whatcom: October 2017

New Whatcom is a collaborative exhibition, featuring over 15 local artists from Western Washington University and the surrounding area. From traditional methods of oil on canvas, to conceptual post-modern assemblages, New Whatcom is a platform for emerging creatives to display their large variety of skill sets and art forms. Included in the show are six murals — inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Pacific Northwest – which were painted at Summer's End Music + Arts Festival. These large canvases will be sold via silent auction through the month of October. 35% of the sale price of each mural will be donated to a charity of the artist’s choosing.   

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Inward I, The Arts and Science of Dennis Briones Ansell: September 2017

Dennis Ansell creates in a DADA influenced, quasi-surrealistic-symbolic style. His work is an attempt to chronicle some events and issues of our time. Though his artwork is not always easy to understand, it allows us to spend time using our critical eye. 

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Surreal and Whimsy: July-August 2017

The artists of this show have on display fragments of inner realms found under layers of consciousness only the dream state has access to. This is a view of the sudden transgression when the playful experiences of artificial paradises turn to aberrations from the unknown.  Reality influences the subjects of our dreams, and the whims of our subconscious mutates them into fleeting ganders of the subliminal.    

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